Frank Kohl's Coast to Coast, is a very nice main stream recording that shows him to be a fine performer as well as a composer of attractive compositions. Kohl gets around his instrument with effortlessness and a confident sounding sense of swing.

"Coast To Coast" is presented, from first to last, with a memorable conviction, and an even greater facility.

***** 5/5 stars


"Invisible  Man" ......His soaring solos and swinging tunes unveil a spirit tuned in to the moment and where the notes may lead ...... While Kohl clearly mastered technique, his guitar solos sing true with room for breath and emotion.

"Guitarist Frank Kohl has a clear tone, excellent technique .... very fluent yet always sounds relaxed, no matter what the tempo......displays effortless soul in his boppish lines. Kohl's top notch quartet are heard at their best throughout "Invisible Man", invigorating straight ahead jazz with fresh and lively ideas.

...... a fine mainstream guitarist, someone who learned from masters like Wes Montgomery and George Benson and built a supple style of his own with lots of feeling. " Invisible Man" .... this set is fine swinging music all around.

"Invisible Man" ... Kohl is fully in touch with his NY roots here turning in a jazz guitar date that sounds like something you'd hear pouring out of a club in midtown---none of that hipster/Billyberg stuff. A solid set throughout, anyone with a taste for mainstream jazz guitar dates should miss this at their own risk. Fine stuff.

" Invisible Man" renders Frank Kohl anything but invisible... he is set to be well recognized for his splendid composition and artistry. His talent and craftmanship make him imminently worthy of notoriety. His focus on the music instead of the musician makes him a cherished artist.

After wading through the albums that land on the doormat and wondering if jazz is still jazz, along comes an album like this. A sheer delight.........The album may be titled Invisible Man but, with this release, it could be the most inappropriate title ever - want to buy a guitarist a Xmas present ? Look no further.

Guitarist Frank Kohl convenes a first-rate lineup to produce this fantastic assemblage of music. INVISIBLE  MAN is a nice collection of mostly original compositions buoyed by his artistry on six strings. Kohl has a tone on the instrument that grabs your ear quite easily and the interplay between he and his sidemen here is wonderful....... This is a very cool and worthwhile listening.

Frank shows his roots with some Wes & George- inspired harmonic and melodic touches and furthers his own sort of post-bop/hard-bop take on it all. He is poised, polished and swingingly lined/aligned throughout. It's all good music. It shows Frank off well as a thorough stylist and imaginative improviser. It's a nice listen.    Good Show!  "Invisible Man"

Invisible Man ......the music is a tight east coast sound, with many originals by Kohl. Elegant in simplicity eschewing the thicker layers of many jazz presentations, this recording is to the point and floats along nicely.

Invisible Man    ........the quartet delivers eight tracks of very enjoyable, highly melodic, sometimes high energy, sometimes swing and sometimes introspective Jazz performed by a skilled guitarist and quartet.

Frank Kohl is a no-nonsense guitarist.....there's a subtle, bluesy quality to his playing..... all of you guitar freaks will want to hear.

Rising Tide ... this guitarist that should be mentioned in the same breath as Metheny and Scoey, as well as other jazz ax swingers delivers the goods with a capitol "D"  ......your jazz guitar playlist isn't complete without some cuts from this sweet set in the mix "Killer Stuff" 

"Rising Tide"  Kohl is very lyrical, amazing skill and warmth of performing. A musician that deserves greater recognition, look no further than the name Frank Kohl, in my opinion- the best candidate 

"Rising Tide" Frank Kohl has an original rich and thick tone on this pleasing quartet album....... Six strings of satisfaction.

"Rising Tide"...   an articulate phraser who can give great nuance to each an every line.... Frank has a strong sound that gives the lines torque, a percussive edge that may remind you of vintage Benson but finds its own way around the changes. Frank is a guitar tastemaster, a true arteest. Hear him out.







Rising Tide...... always hyper-vigilant in each note, everything weighed, measured, and then released again, that Desmond intellectualism which at first sounds simpler then it is until you grasp what's really going on, a matter of the exquisite versus the merely sonorous. In a simple short line, all the notes can be differently crafted and inflected, not just flurries in runs and legato...... and if you find yourself suddenly gasping for air in astonishment, then you in the pocket, m'friend, and welcome to the club.

Rising Tide......Throughout, Kohl. Is a breathtaking treat for the inner ear as each piece is deeply studied and excuisitly performed. Perhaps the striking aspect of these sonic excursions is their sensuality and sonority, confirming without question that Kohl is a master of orchestration on the guitar.....He synthesizes a passionatly chromatic musical language with a subtlety of timbre that places him close to the realm of the Impressionists with an uncanny ability to conjure up the feeling of moist paint on an aural canvas.


Rising Tide - Elegant in its simplicity this recording floats along so nicely that the listener may be tempted to overlook the level of skill required for such convincing ease.... Kohl's album is an artful  pendulum between convincing emotional inflections and masterful technique, the product of decades of musicianship.


"Rising Tide"   Kohl musically uses his advanced technique and turns in excellent performances developed through sophisticated improvisational elaborations. The highly articulate playing style of Kohl always lets the listener know where his lines are going and the result is a nourishing listen.

"Rising Tide"   Kohl is a deft stylist, leaving plenty of space in his solos, never forcing the issue, one capable of extracting considerable colour....... we can hear both the tonal warmth Kohl generates as well as the clarity of his articulation.

"Rising Tide"   Just as the tide has its mercurial way, so does the kinetic quality of this album....... the effect made this recording sound contemporary and uncompromising. The Frank Kohl Quartet plays Jazz with Rock & Roll attitude.

”Rising Tide”   ....”Franks approach is one of full authority and immersion in the joy of performing, as if in a session that could continue for hours, that joy transferring to the listener...Frank Kohl Quartet again proves to be one deserving of greater attention for its seasoned  professionalism and natural cohesion.